Monday, 4 November 2013

Good Weekend

Had a good day on Saturday despite the awful weather - raining for most of the afternoon. We ventured into town for breakfast and a wander around the shops - it wasn't of course raining at this time! Wore this pin on my jacket -

This is the one I'm not sure about the tartan - I have been told it's a Cooper tartan so will go with that!

Saturday night we went to see the comedian Craig Hill in Dundee.  It was a great show - very funny.

Today I'm going to be working with the lovely Isle of Skye Tartan -

This tartan is more of a purple colour than it appears on my computer - gorgeous muted greens too. Will be making a corsage and a pin in this tonight.

Exam-wise passed - now just have to go through the whole thing again tomorrow!

Back to the studying!
Have a good day!

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