Monday, 28 October 2013

Time Passes So Quickly

I'm not sure if its an age thing or not, but the weeks seem to be just flying in. It seems no sooner is it Monday than it's Friday! I could be related to business ie my work is really busy, plus the evening classes, plus the corsages are busier and then I'm busy at the weekends.

Speaking of evening classes, get the results of my exam on Tuesday so fingers crossed on that one as the next exam is on 5 November so really don't fancy having to re-sit the first one too!

Corsage wise, made a lapel corsage -

Slightyly smaller in size than the brooch/pin and with some beads. Can be made in any tartan, but this one is made in the Irish National Tartan.

Also made this brooch/pin (or could be made into a corsage) in the lovely Blue Ramsay tartan - a nice change from red/green tartans.

Saturday I went to Edinburgh to see 'Cabaret' starring Will  Young. Was very good.  While there we went to the castle - and took this picutre of Edinburgh from the castle.

I am hoping this week is just a tad quieter! Though there is still studying, making etc to do plus going to see Craig Hill's show on Saturday. Let's hope work isn't so frantic!

Have a good day.
Mich :)

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