Monday, 21 October 2013

Busy Times

I was going to have 'It never rains...' as the title of my blog but then it rains quite often here - like today - and following a double drenching on the bike, I thought I'd stay away from anything rain related!

The corsages have been really busy this week - from Thursday - 5 orders! Haven't had so many orders at once and from all areas of the country.  It's nice to be 'found' on line and I must start asking where my customers do find me as that is probalby very helpful information!

Customer 1 from Durham sent me a picture of how she's going to wear her corsage on Saturday at a wedding - I have to say the colour tones in really well with her outfit.

This lady is going to wear the corsage on her lapel. The tartan is the Johnston (Ancient) and she chose it because Johnston was her maiden name and luckily it matches in with what she's wearing.

It's nice when customers send you pictures of how your products look.  The good thing about the corsage is that a picture of just an arm or lapel will do!

Have an exam tomorrow night at night class - the skeletal system. So am going to have to head off and do some last minute studying and fingers crossed it wont be as bad as I'm dreading it will be!

Mich :)

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