Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cold but Dry Weekend

Well, Sunday night again. We had a lovely dry but cold weekend. I was glad it was dry today for the Remembrance Sunday Parade -

Took this picture of the Old Bridge Perth today also - how warm and summer like does it look?

I was working with the lovely Isle of Skye Tartan this week -

Made myself a pin to wear on my jacket as I really like this tartan.

It makes such a change when the weather is nice at the weekend! 

Hope you had a good weekend too!
Mich :) 


  1. What a gorgeous day - but the bridge photo looks autumnal to me! It's the dark blue of the water and the fall colours behind it. :)

    I loved your shot of the pipers. We don't hear enough bagpipes over here.

    P.S. Do you wear any tartan you like, or only those you are related to? (Feel that I expressed that very badly but hope you know what I mean.)

  2. Hi Mrs M - I really wear any tartan I like the colours of - I don't really have a 'name' tartan as I have a Canadian/Polish origin surname and on the Scottish side (my mum's) I don't really like the tartan that goes with the name lol (Terrible I know!) :)