Monday, 18 November 2013

Busy Busy Busy

My weeks seem to be so busy just now - the 2 night classes are really taking their toll on my time and just to compound everything work is soooo busy and I am starting work at 8am.

I really value my weekends and being able to slow down!

On Saturday we went up to Aberfeldy - about 40 mins away from here. It was a dry day and was nice just to potter around.

Wades Bridge Aberfeldy

This poor duck thought we may have had some food so came right over to us!

Hungry duck!

I have been busy too with my corsages and my orders have increased which is a really nice feeling! I have been trying to make some cards to attach the brooches on to so they are better for packaging.  Working on something like this:

One of my friends came down tonight too for a massage - I have to get as much practice as I can.  I will say that my friends are loving all the practice I have to do!

Tomorrow night's anatomy class - one more week till exam No. 3!

Take care.
Mich :)

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