Sunday, 24 November 2013

My Weekend

Sunday night again - it does seem to come round so quickly! Had a lovely weekend though.  Popped through to Dundee on Saturday for a bit of shopping. It was a lovely if cold day.

Took this picutre of a Dundee street looking down to the railway bridge. Edited it in black and white as I thought it looked more interesting!

Also took this one of the railway bridge from a different position:

Found time to make these 3 - Henderson, Anderson & Stewart (Old) - sounds a bit like a firm of solicitors!

Did a bit of studying too as the next exam is on Tuesday.  On Thursday now we are massaging client's at college for our assessment in the body massage class. Was absolutely exhausted on Thursday night after doing 2 full body massages. Felt in need a of a massage myself by the end of it!

Hope you had a good weekend too.
Mich :)

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