Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I Know I said 'No More Ducks'

I know I said it, but honestly at the park on Sunday morning this duck was posing -

I saw it look at me! Couldn't resist snapping it! I was originally to be taking pictures of the water trying to get it to look good with the light, however ......

....I then saw this mum and baby and what could I do?

It's not often you see ducklings at this time of year.

But definitely no more ducks - even if they are standing on their beaks in a row - I am not photographing any more ducks!

To stay on an 'all things nature' theme, on Saturday in town they were collecting for guide dogs for the blind and obviously had out their cutest recruits to boost funds -

Well that's been my weekend!
Mich :)

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