Monday, 30 September 2013

Long Weekend

It is so nice that we have had a long weekend off from work - today my usual Monday would be heading to work just about now, however we have a day off today and it feels good!

Saturday saw me in Dundee getting fitted for a pair of insoles for my shoes - hoping this will make a difference to the hip and knee discomfort that has been driving me bananas this little while.  My physio thinks it's more of a biomechanical thing I have as opposed to anything wrong with the joints so I'm hoping that these insoles will help.

Couldn't miss a photo opportunity in Dundee so here is a pic of the railway bridge.  It was a lovely day here on Saturday.

Sunday saw G buying a lovely Rudbeckie plant for his garden - very autumnal in colour and very lovely.

Also caught this honey bee on his lavender plan -

Today heading into town for an eye test as its that time again. It may seem that I'm some kind of hypochondriac with all these medical things - think it's more a case of all these things seem to happen at once!

Next weekend heading away on holiday and I can't wait. More about that later in the week.

Have a lovely day.
Mich :)

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