Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunny Sunday

Well today the sun is shining (for a change!) the washing in on the line drying and I'm about to head out on my bike to deliver an order.

Yesterday was a good day creative wise.  I had a go at making this crochet silver ring.  The instructions were straightforward and mine turned out similar (see pic below) however the sizing of this ring is really difficult.  You make it to the measurement but once you start gently using the hammer it changes the size to slightly bigger.  It is also fairly chunky.  I don't think I will make any more like this.

following directions from the above link

I then had a go at making one of my own design - following the basic directions in the above link and again the stumbling point is the sizing.  I think its probably better to make a good bit smaller as hammering it certainly increases the size.  Also, I didn't use silver wire (thankfully!) for either - just silver plated wire.  

My own adaptation

After the limited success of the puppy amigurumi (i.e. the dodgy legs) I am going for something that is more legless - the roly poly mouse from the Kansas Hooker Blog (what a great name for a blog!) so will update on that.  I started it today and am halfway down the body.  

Ok off out on the bike - taking advantage of the dry sunny weather!

Mich :)

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