Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Have finished my little roly poly mouse and it turned out well - no worry about it standing anyway!  It is a good quick little project and would be ideal for a first amigurumi.

Mouse amigurumi

On the jewellery front I am still spider obsessed!  I made another beaded spider and this time turned it into a necklace.  It isn't a fierce spider though - very sparkly!

Spider on wire work web

Also this week had my 6 monthly check up at the dentist and some strange things are happening at my dentist!  Last year I had a dentist called Sarah who when I first saw her looked very young - and I was a bit worried that I was to be her first root treatment patient!  However that wasn't the case and I was really pleased with her work i.e. no pain!  Anyway, I went this week and this young slip of a girl came down to collect me from the waiting room.  I assumed she was a new dental nurse.  We walked passed the usual treatment room and she said that we were in the upstairs surgery.  I commented that it was usually the front room and she then told me that Sarah had left to go to another surgery.  She introduced herself and turns out she's the dentist.  I am not joking when I say that she looked like she'd got out of school for the day!  I don't need any treatment so don't have to go back for another 6 months.  I am wondering though if my surgery is taking dentists straight from college and they stay for a year and then have to move on - sort of like the system they have for teachers - guaranteed a post for a year.  I am grateful that I have managed to find a NHS dentist but I wish it would be nice to see the same dentist for a few years. 

Enough talk of teeth!

Mich :)

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