Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Spider Fever

Well spider fever seems to have taken hold of me as I keep wanting to make spider things!  It is not even as if I actually like spiders - I am actually fairly scared of them!  Maybe its the fact that Halloween is coming. I made a pair of spider earrings -
Spider earrings

Then I also made this beaded spider which I will make into either a brooch or a necklace.  

On the amigurumi front, I have finished the little puppy dog.  However it was not without problems as I didn't stuff the legs enough and it was like 'Bambi on ice' - its legs kept going into splits when I tried to stand it up.  Rather than risk trying to undo the stitching and maybe cutting into the crochet, I decided to have it as a lying down puppy.  Below is a pic of it with Mindy (Mindy is on the left - just in case you thought that was the amigurumi!!)  As you can see, she looks really thrilled with it!

As it was Pilates night tonight, I am now heading to relax in front of the TV before bed - though I did have another idea for a different kind of spider - but I will just make a note of the idea and keep till tomorrow!

Mich :)

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