Monday, 29 August 2011

World Athletics Championships

Well before I start on what I've been up to craft wise, I must just say that the Channel 4 coverage of the athletics is terrible! The presenter doesn't seem to know much about athletics so when it cuts to the studio I just cannot watch.  The only saving grace is Michael Johnston - just wish he would nip along to the Eurosport box and commentate for them.  The constant adverts too are driving me bananas - I have emailed Channel 4 - no response as yet.  Okay, my moaning is over!!

Sunday I had a really good day craft wise.  Made lots of jewellery things - earrings, wine glass charms, etc and I also made some paper beads:

I also decorated some little boxes I had bought - these I will use for putting earrings or rings in when people buy from the website.  The paper beads I still have to varnish and haven't decided what I will do with these yet.

I also made some progress with the amigurumi puppy dog I am crocheting - finished the head and the ears - body and legs here I come!

Still have the eyes, nose & mouth to sew on

It is so nice to have a day off work (and tomorrow yessss).  I went to the gym first thing and did my usual run/workout.  Now I am settling to watch some athletics and maybe pop into town - oo just may see if I can get an eye test today or tomorrow as either they are making the holes is beads smaller or I need stronger glasses!

Mich :)

(Update - heard back from Channel 4 - they are sorry that I feel their coverage is disappointing and they will pass on my comments to the relevant team behind coverage of the event, and that they are always happy to have viewer feedback complimentary or not. )

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