Friday, 23 September 2011

Long Weekend

I have a long weekend off from work this weekend - Friday and Monday.  Very nice indeed except that my body clock doesn't know this and got me up at the usual 5.30am! Still, it feels nice to just be able to potter around and take time to look at things on the web.

I was looking at some knitting/crochet patterns and found this one  how nice would this be for a gift for a friend who loves knitting?

This set me thinking about the dreaded 'C' word and it maybe an idea to start making some Christmas gifts so that there is not the last minute panic.  I found this last year and it has some really good quick makes.

Ravelry is a good site for knitters and crocheters looking for patterns - you have to sign up but that only takes a minute and there are some really good free patterns available.  I does seem to be a mainly American site and they really love their crocheting - there is a free pattern for sausages! (No am not going to make them!)  Also there are a lot of patterns for pets -

The owner of this little dog seems to make her lots of things as there are pictures of it wearing hats, collars, bandannas and this flowery necklace.  The dog pretty much has the same expression in each picture.

I am looking over at my wee Mindy and thinking - no way would she let me dress her up!

Have a great day!
Mich :)

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