Monday, 26 September 2011

Handmade Monday

Well my long weekend has almost gone! Back to work tomorrow - however I do still have today to enjoy!

Had an overnight visit from son on Saturday night as he had to head to Glasgow to play in the Police Memorial Concert on Sunday so he said it would be easier to get a train first thing from here.  Was nice to see him and catch up on all his news.  He is really enjoying himself at uni and settling in well.  Said he isn't enjoying the 'whole cooking thing' everyday! (He also had a heap of washing with him! - So obviously not discovered where the laundry area is yet!)

I bought one of those boxes for storing beads etc in yesterday and today plan to sort out the jumble of beads, findings etc on my coffee table. This will make it easier to find things and as a bonus I will be able to use the coffee table again!  I will do that later today - I did start it this morning then got side tracked making a bracelet.  Saw some red and black beads sitting there and just thought they would look nice together especially for say a Christmas party night.  In keeping with this theme, my first photograph of it is taken with it hanging on one of the fir trees in the garden!

This one is a more usual picture -

Well as it is a nice day I'm off to hang out the washing but firstly am going to have a look at the great blogs at 1st Unique Gifts.

Have a great day everyone!
Mich :)


  1. Hope you enjoy your day off Mich. The black and red beads do go so well together - a lovely necklace.


  2. Love the fir tree in the garden - fab spot for Christmassy shots!
    Your post reminds me of when one of my daughters first went to uni. She couldn't work out how she was going to do her washing and asked me to send her a folding laundry basket so she could get her washing down to the laundry room. I had to ask if she'd never heard of binbags or carrier bags.

  3. OK I know it's a bracelet (and a very pretty one too) but doesn't it look just lovely hanging in that tree! Glad to hear your son is settling in well.

  4. Now I know it's a bracelet (and a very pretty one too) but doesn't it look just lovely hanging in the tree? Glad your son is settling in well.

  5. A lovely bracetet. Black and red always go well together it gives a very mysterious sexy look.

  6. I like the bracelet in the fir tree, different and could be used as a xmas deco.

  7. Love the bracelet, the rose beads look lovely. I hope you had a great long week end.

    Jan x