Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Feels Like Autumn!

It has definitely felt Autumnal this week.  We have had a cool wind here and today unfortunately its has been intermingled with rain.

It's funny how the cooler nights put me in the mood for crocheting and knitting.  This week I made a simple neck warmer.  I had a huge crochet hook (10mm) that I haven't used so far and found a ball of Aran type wool so thought I'd make one of these to try out the hook and make something that I knew would be quick.

I will wear it when cycling as scarves tend to flap about too much. It is easy to crochet this and you could really do it in whatever stitch you wanted.  I just started with 32 chain. The first row - work evenly across the chains -  I did 1dc (double crochet) 1 chain and 1dc into the chain.  Next and every row was just 1dc 1ch 1dc into the hole created on the first row.  Think it is called a 'v' stitch.  (I'm not to hot on the names of crochet stitches! And to be honest, even writing what stitches I used makes it seem so much more complicated when you see it written down!) Anyway, I just kept going as if it was a scarf until it would fit over my head when joined together.  I crocheted the 2 ends together and then just folded in half to make it double the thickness.

I also tried to make a beaded bead this week using this tutorial.  I was pleased with my first go at it (in the picture I still have to add the headpin).  Will make a few more and hopefully get 'the knack'.

Not long back from pilates class so going to snuggle up to the dog to keep warm and watch TV for a while.

Mich :)

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