Sunday, 18 September 2011

Busy times!

Have had a busy weekend.  On Saturday took my son and half of the contents of the house to university in Aberdeen.  It was actually lucky that he fitted in the car!  My daughter was supposed to be coming with us however due to lack of space she had to miss the trip.

View from the front seat!

I did actually want her to come as she has sat nav on her phone and I could have really used that on Saturday.  I got lost (despite a map I had specially printed out!) and we ended up on Union Street (one of the main shopping streets) - bus lane city! Anyway, we did eventually arrive and thankfully his room was on the ground floor so no lugging things up flights of stairs!  How it all got into that tiny room amazed me!  

Last night it did seem quiet in the house although he has been away on courses etc for a couple of weeks before.  (What didn't help last night was that the dog started doing her 'staring at nothing' routine - where she looks like she's looking at something I can't see!  That kind of scares me a bit - hopefully she wont start that tonight!)

Today I popped over to my daughter's to get her to be a 'hair model' for a couple of new hair accessories I made.  It is so much easier to see what a hair comb/pin will look like when photographed in someone's hair. She has good hair for this.

Well that's it from me for today - going to settle down and watch TV with 'mystic Mindy' (the dog).

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Mich :)


  1. Love the hair accessories - I agree they are better photographed on a model.

    Your uni story reminded me of taking my middle daughter to uni in central London. We were warned not to take a car (no parking!) so 4 of us lugged everything on the train & taxi. She even unpacked kitchen essentials to fit in more shoes!!

  2. Lovely hair accessories - the first one particularly works against your daughter's dark hair.

    Ali x

  3. great idea photogroping the items in situ
    its amazing what they take to uni half of it never gets used I have this task ahead for the 2nd time this year I sent one at the beggining of sept and the other leaves for the 2nd year next weekend unfortunately its the less organised of the two look forar dto seeing next weeks photos xx

  4. I like to see accessories photographed on a model, it gives a better idea of size, I especially like the first one.

    Jan x

  5. Good luck to your son at university, he will have the time of his life. Your hair accessories are lovely, you are very talented!

  6. The hair accessories are so pretty, love them both

  7. Hope your boy is settling in well. Hair accessories - I love the idea of them but they will just never stay in my hair. What am I doing wrong? Yours look so pretty.

  8. Caroline, sometimes if you have fine hair it is hard to get them to stay in but you can try spraying the hair accessory part that goes in the hair with some hairspray before you push it in and that may help. Also get as much hair into it as you can.

  9. We've got the Uni trip to make in about 10 days with my daughter, who, like yours has recently been a model for my makes! Lovely hair accesories!

  10. Good luck with the trip Penny - I was glad we set out quite early as it got busier as the day went on and there was a huge queue of traffic trying to get in as I was leaving.

  11. We are taking my baby brother off to uni soon - not looking forward to it! Very pretty hair pins - what a great way to liven up boring monday morning hair! Anna x

  12. Oh they are really pretty.
    Unique and beautiful work.
    xxx Rita

  13. Thanks so much for the comment on our blog! Hope you'll give the Secret santa raffle a go too! the prize is a handmade gift. Going to look at your web now...
    Have a good day!