Thursday, 15 September 2011

Earring Display

I was looking for a display to hold my earrings while I took a picture for my website as opposed to using a glass and I came up with this easy display made from an old metal coat hanger.

Here are directions as to how I made it.

Cut the coat hanger like this

I used sturdy wire cutters for this (the same ones I inadvertently knelt on the other week - ouch!)  The piece you have should look like this:

Now, at where approximately the length of the short end would meet the long end if they were squashed together, make a bend in the long end so that it looks not unlike a 'L' shape.(Albeit a back to front 'L' shape!)

Make a roundish shape at the top of the upright end (I used pliers for this).

At the other end, bend this round a bit for stability (again, pliers needed).

Now you should have something that looks like this:

You could wrap some ribbon round the wire to make it look a bit better for photos.  (I cut a strip from an old tee shirt and wrapped it round mine as I don't have ribbon right now.  I will probably change it to black ribbon so its not so prominent in the pictures.)  There you have something to hang your earrings on to take a picture for your website!

Mich :)

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