Monday, 12 September 2011

One of those days

Sunday was 'one of those days'.  I had a surge of ideas and spent all of the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon trying to make these ideas. However, what I had pictured in my head just wasn't transferring to the item I was making!  I started things again, I tried things in a different way but in the end I just felt I wasted all this time as nothing was working.

I eventually said to myself - "make and finish something"! So I stopped trying so hard and made 2 straightforward necklaces.

Black Rose & Silver Heart Necklace

It really frustrates me when I feel that I have a great idea but then it doesn't translate.  I was happy though that I'd completed something even if it wasn't exactly what I'd planned on Sunday.

Today we had the remnants of the hurricane to deal with - actually we still do.  The wind was still howling when I gingerly took the dog to the park a short while ago but at least it had stopped raining.  This morning the rain was swirling in the wind and I arrived very soggy at work.  Hoping that things will subside a bit overnight.

Mich :)


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