Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Took a risk!

This morning I decided to cycle my old route to work - well not that it's an old route, it's the way I used to go until 'it' arrived.  By 'it' I mean this ferocious little Yorkshire terrier who liked nothing better than to chase me along the road snarling at my heels.  It was unnerving - I would be cycling merrily along thinking that 'it' wasn't there when suddenly, out from nowhere the growling little form would appear.  I then had to cycle like the devil to shake it off as it only followed me for about 50 m then with a little smirk on its face it would turn and head back.  But those 50m fairly got my pulse racing.  Anyway, today I decided to cycle that way as it is a tad shorter.  No sign of 'it' I am happy to say - however my pulse was still racing and my eyes were scanning the area waiting for the 'attack'.  I have decided to just stick to the 'new route' - it's a lot less stressful first thing in the morning!

Jewellery-wise, I made these yesterday - 2 rings and a brooch - going for a beaded look for a change.
Rings at the back of the picture and brooch in front
I find that I want to make 'different' things from the norm - I strive to come up with something just that little bit unusual.

Anyway, Wednesday night - better go and get ready for pilates.

Mich :)

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