Sunday, 12 January 2014

12 January 2014

Hope everyone had a lovely New Year. I'm still battling with the one arm palaver but am at the hospital tomorrow so hoping they will say I can ditch the sling and start using my right arm again. Fingers crossed for a good x-ray.

I have been jazzing upp my sling a bit - wrapped a scarf around it and got this lovely silk handkerchief from a friend at Christmas so made a little flower to pin on the sling - I think it will look nice on my jacket after the sling has gone. (Took ages to do with one hand I will say!)

Went out to a farm shop for breakfast and spotted this - love the colours of it.

Corsages have been really busy - this week I've had 5 orders. I am thinking it must be because of Burn's night coming up on 25 January and maybe a few ceilidhs on the go. Fortunately I have had the corsages already made up.

Wishing you a happy Sunday!

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