Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Advent Calendar 18 December 2013

 Today's picture is the lovely Graham Tartan - gorgeous colours!

Yesterday was a bad day - fell off my bike and have broken my humerus bone at the shoulder end. Having to do everything left handed as it had to be my right arm!

Hoping for a better day today!
Mich :)


  1. Hi Mich, I've enjoyed looking at your Advent Posts although I haven't posted each day. Your corsages are lovely, I especially like the red one. I hope everything went well with your exam and you feel good about it.
    It sounds like a right old Ouch day yesterday, not the thing you need at any time especially this time of year. I hope you're not hurting too much.... at least it was after your exam !!!!
    Jan x

  2. hi Jan - unfortunately fall happened first thing on way to work so had to miss exam - sitting it after the holidays in January. x

  3. Oh nooo. oh well at least it gives you more time to revise