Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I had been through York and spent time in the railway station but had never really spent any time in the city. However, last week spent a couple of days there and it is a really interesting city.

There are so many things to see - the wall, York Minster, Cliffords Tower, museums.  Speaking of museums, the Castle Museum is really worth a visit.

York Minster
The Castle Museum is set out like old York - with streets and shops how they used to be.  Some shops have people in them dressed up like long ago.  They also have the sounds and smells of long ago (some of them not very pleasant!).

Inside the Castle Museum
We also saw some actors dressed up in old costumes.  I spoke to one of them and they were filming the follow up to Price & Prejudice which is being shown on the BBC over Christmas.  Didn't unfortunately see any of the stars!

Actors in York
An interesting window in York.

York window
All in all, would recommend York for a city break.

Mich :)

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