Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day Away From the Office

Tuesday saw me heading out of the office with our Surveyor and heading northwards with him to go to my first ever house survey (only because 2 people had to attend and there was no-one else available but me!). The survey was in the beautiful Glenlyon - just past Aberfeldy. Thankfully it was a dry and sunny day - no snow or rain.

The scenery was just amazing. The house was a bit remote mind you - not sure if I'd like to live quite so far from the nearest coffee shop!

Speaking of coffee, we stopped on the way back for a quick cup and took this snap of a 'piper'.

On a 'making' note, I made these little booties for someone whose baby is due around now - hence the valentine's inspired look!

Hope everyone has a lovely valentine's day :)



  1. These booties are so cute. That piper looks a bit scary to me!

  2. Your booties are really lovely - gorgeous colours. We miss you on Handmade Monday, and hope all is well with you. Check out my blog post to see your well deserved award: