Monday, 16 April 2012

Handmade Monday

I am running at the last moment to catch Handmade Monday this week!  My weekend just went to nowhere - passed in a flash!

I got an order for a corsage - was really pleased as it has been ages since I've had an order for something.  The girl wanted it in the St Johnstone tartan (football club tartan) for a wedding she is going to next month.  So I made that on Sunday when I got the material - included a picture of it as I wasn't sure what the St Johnstone tartan looked like either!

I am still working on my wrap for the holidays but managed to make this little hat for the year old daughter of a friend - I have sent it off to her so am hoping it fits.  Just a change from a regular beanie hat.

Aside from the above I have been concentrating on my new gym programme and am happy to report that the  aching muscles have eased - thankfully!

Please pop over to 1st Unique Gifts to see what everyone else has been up to.

Have a good week!
Mich :)


  1. Lovely corsage and the hat is just too cute!! I think you could sell those, they're just gorgeous! x

  2. You are the third person this week to start a gym regime! I thought that January was gym time? You are all making me feel tired!! The hat is adorable and will look gorgeous on a tiny person. Have a lovely week. xxx

  3. That little hat is adorable. Much cuter than a beanie!

  4. Well done with the gym programme Mich - it was on my New Year's list and (embarrassed) it is still there having not moved into the 'done' category. Your hat is gorgeous - a definite winner - and the corsage is very pretty. Hope you have a good week.

  5. That is a good idea for a corsage. That little hat is going to look so pretty on baby. Mum is going to be very hapy with it.

  6. that's a lovely corsage. I've just completed my first fabric flower and posted on facebook. I have to confess, bizarrely, i needed help on the instructions from my non-crafty hubby!

  7. What's the gym? lol.

    Love the tartan corsage so pretty and good you can match the clans. Love the hat and am sure your fiends little one will be delighted.

  8. Love the corsage and the hat is so cute. I bet little one will look adorable.