Sunday, 29 January 2012

Handmade Monday!

Well it has been a quick and fairly busy week for me.  Monday to Wednesday I seem to have no time at all due to commitments in the evenings and so my main producing times are from Thursday night.

Got my tooth fixed on Wednesday (by the dentist who looked liked she'd just nipped out of the local high school for the afternoon) - the rest of the filling crumbled out while she was drilling so the whole tooth was filled but it does feel so much better.  Then heading home from the dentist - had a puncture on bike grrrrr so mended that when I got home after pilates.  Getting quicker at changing the inner tube now. (Too much practice!)

The cold weather we have had this week has been leaning me towards crocheting.  Made a couple of hats in the week and then made these this weekend:

Also, dropping into the wool shop on Saturday may have had something to do with it!  The red hat you can get the pattern here.

Today I had someone (Charlie the gardener) come and cut down a leylandii bush/tree I had in the garden.  I remember my mum planting it about 20 years ago and it looked like a tiny little bush thing (don't think mum knew it would get that tall!) What a difference it has made getting rid of it.  Much more light comes into the kitchen now - it will never be the brightest kitchen in the world but there is a difference.  (There will be more of a difference when I finally get round to painting the ceiling white!)

My poor little Mindy (dog) has a sore foot - I noticed her walking on 3 legs when we were out and I thought that maybe the salt on the pavements was irritating something on her foot and sure enough when we came home and I checked she seems to have grazed her paw (the black paw pad bit has been removed in one place).  Will get the vet to check this week.

Hopefully next week there will be no talk of visits to health professionals!

Have a look at the amazing plaques Wendy has been making at 1st Unique Gifts and see what everyone else has been up to.

Mich :)


  1. Love the heart shaped flower trim on the red hat... don't you love the way crochet grows so quickly?

  2. Fingers crossed that next week is better for you all (you, the dog and the bike!) The red hat is great especially the heart and flower and I love the shape of the blue one, can't believe you made them both in a weekend along with all the other stuff you had going on. x

  3. Your comment on my blog made me laugh. I wasn't sure anyone would recognise me!!!!

    Sympathies on the tooth, the puncture and your poor pooch. You'll have to knit him a couple of pairs of socks. I believe we are in for a cold snap and the gritters will be out so I think a lot of pavements will be getting done too.

    Wishing you a good week

    Jan x

  4. Those hats will keep you warm during the cold weather. Hope your dog gets better soon.

  5. I absolutely love your red's gorgeous!!!
    Hope Mindy is better soon xx

  6. Love the hats!Hope you have a better week next week,

  7. Oh poor Mindy give her a hug from me and hope her foot gets better soon.

    Love the hats and don't mention dentist now feel guilty as think I am overdue for a checkup.

  8. What a week! Glad your tooth is better. Think Jazz and Mindy have clearly been communicating regarding the 'paw' foot problems. Hope she is OK and recovers very quickly. I love your red crochet hat - very snazzy. we had two large Leylandii removed from our front garden last year - amazing how much light we now have at the front. Hope you have a peaceful week.

  9. Love the hats, especially hte red one. Hope Mindy's paw is better soon. When we moved into our house, we "adopted" a forest of conifers, Leylandii included, so I know the difference chopping them down makes.

  10. I love your red hat, my kind of colour! Up here near JOG the weather hasn't been to bad and often miss some of the horrible weather predicted. Hope little doggies foot gets better soon.

  11. Hope your tooth is better now! The hats are fab, I love the blue one.
    I hope Mindy's paw is better, bless her. I will have t make a special slipper for her!
    We too have a very big tree in our garden, my Dad comes and cuts it every so often but it soon grows again!x

  12. The red hat is so cute! The big conifers at the front of our house were recently cut down, now I no longer have to have the kitchen light on all day, what a difference x

  13. Aww poor Mindy. Hope the paw gets better soon!!

    I actually like the blue hat the most. Think its the ear flappy bits. So cute!

  14. Love the hats, especially the red one. Know what you mean about that type of tree (can't spell it). There was 5 at the bottom of our garden when we bought the house and we thought the garden quite small. After they were removed it looked like we had acres - well almost. lol.

  15. Ahh dentist! *shivers* poor you! Hope your tooth is feeling better now.
    The hats are fab! I really should learn to make one, its freezing here!

    Aww poor Mindy! It's horrible seeing pets in pain.

    Have a great week!


  16. Poor Mindy, hope she heals quickly, and glad you got your tooth done, I hate going to the dentist but it's worth getting it fixed, then you're all better and you are always glad!
    LOVE that heart-hat! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  17. Hope you're both feeling better now. Great hats, just wish I could crochet! Went to the dentist as well last week and mine looks very young as well!
    Jo x

  18. Hope you find some time to relax this week! The red hat is so cute, and thanks for sharing the patten!