Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Handmade Monday - running late!

I am running so late with my handmade Monday post this week - where does the time go?!

Seem to have lost a filling/broken a bit of tooth over the weekend so feel like I have a 'gaping chasm' in my mouth but in reality we are probably talking a few millimetres! Forced to call the dentist to arrange an appointment to get it looked at - mainly as my tongue is getting scratched to pieces on the rough edge.  I remember the day when you could call your dentist and they would just tell you to pop round - not any more apparently.  I could only get Wednesday or Friday - both at really inconvenient times!  Plumped for Wednesday as I'm not sure I could put up with this till Friday!

On the making front, I made a few bracelets this weekend. One with a slight Valentine's theme - but not so much that you couldn't wear it everyday.

This next bracelet wraps around the wrist twice -

Son has been home this week as he had nothing much to do before an exam on Thursday and then classes restart on 30 Jan so it has been a nice week having someone here when I come in from work.

Pop over to 1st Unique Gifts to see what everyone else has been making this week.

Mich :)


  1. I am never too sure if having to wait a long time for a dentist appt is because we are getting better about looking after our teeth or something completely different - dentists working shorter days? Lovely bracelets - especially the first one which is a gorgeous colour. I like the shape of heart you have used, always looks better than the 'usual' shape. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Ouch. Sorry about the tooth. Nothing worse than a visit to the Dentists is there. Love the little heart bracelet, I like things fairly simple but looking good. Good luck for tomorrow.

  3. ouch, hope that tooth gets mended soon! Love the colours on the bracelet x

  4. The bracelets are lovely, especially the top one with the heart.
    Toothache can be a nightmare and I know what you mean about dentists appointments, they're a nightmare to get. I always found the best painkiller for tooth pain is Solphadine, might be worth getting some of that just in case. Hope you get it sorted on Wednesday. x

  5. I really like the off-centre heart, it gives the necklace so much character. Hope that the trip to the dentist is not too painful, both physically and to your purse :)

  6. Oh I feel for you and hate the dentist, ours is very good but does not detract from the torture that she inflicts with all those instruments. Thinking of you on Wednesday.

    Love the bracelets so pretty

  7. Oh, I love both your pieces, but especially the Valentine's one. Of course I am all about hearts at the moment.
    Sorry about your tooth, I know what you mean, you simply have to get it done right away. I do miss the old days, when you got in to see your doctor or dentist right away and there wasn't an insurance company or whatever in between every transaction. Oh, for the olden days. ;)
    Well, at least the good news is they can fix almost anything now! Soon it will be right back to normal.

  8. Lovely bracelets, i especially like the colour of the wrap around one.
    Hope you get your tooth sorted!

  9. They are lovely, remind me of holidays! I always wear items that style when I go away :)

    Kim xx

  10. I too have been having more appointments at the dentist this week, so can sympathise. Lovely bracelets.
    Jo x