Saturday, 21 January 2012


Friday is my favourite day of the week just now.  Mainly because its the last day of my working week and I can relax on a Friday night knowing that there is no necessary early start on the Saturday. (I usually wake at the same time anyway but for some reason it doesn't seem so bad when you don't have to get ready for work!)

Friday was coldish - but not that cold.  However the strange thing was that it was really slippy! I find it strange that it can be so frosty and cold but not slippy then not too cold and really icy! Had to push my bike a good bit of the way to work as was too scared to get on in case it slipped.  The sky was beautiful on Friday morning on the way to work - took this picture while precariously balancing my bike against my leg!

For a change I wore one of my skinny scarves to work on Friday.  Now normally my boss never comments on anything, but he had obviously not seen the pom-pom style wool before because he spent the first half hour talking about it and comparing it to various things like fruit, berries etc.  I just wanted something to brighten up the black polo neck and grey cardigan I was wearing.  This is why I like these little scarves - they just add a little cheer to what you are wearing!

Planning some crafting today so better go and get things looked out.

Have a good Saturday everyone!
Mich :)

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