Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Yesterday I found this pattern for a crochet flower so tried it out with some lilac/white wool I had.  Then using some crochet cotton I made a tiny one and attached it -

Then I wondered how I was going to use it - and thought it would look nice on a baby girl's hat - so went ahead and made one.  It is not often that I make the accent first and then the item!

Here are a couple of new designs I am going to be using for my jewellery this year -

Will be using them for all sorts of things - rings, bracelets, necklaces etc.  Really enjoy making them.  It is strange as I thought I wouldn't like working with tiny seed beads but I actually find it quite therapeutic.

Today I was supposed to be taking son back to Aberdeen but due to the horrendous winds, have decided that we will go tomorrow - too scared to risk it today!  Having said that, it has calmed down a bit here from what it was first thing, but going by the weather forecast I think the worst winds have moved to the north east which is the direction we would be going. So it looks like I maybe able to squeeze in another day's crafting!

Hoping for a calmer day tomorrow!

Mich :)

ps Happy birthday to my dad who is 80 today!


  1. I love flowers and that baby hat is so cute. I've never learned how to crochet, it looks really difficult but produces some beautiful work.
    We've got the terrible winds here as well and after dodging flying wheely bins when I nipped to the corner shop earlier I've decided its much safer to stay indoors with the heating on and crafts spread all around me! x

  2. Hi hope you enjoy the chunky mess stitch
    I tried a variation yesterday and I'm making a scarf with it...the mesh on the new version is working out as almost perfect squares and is looser and softer than the chunky version.
    It's a lot wider so taking a while longer to make a whole scarf...today should see it half made l hope
    Hugs Sue (The 8th Gem)

  3. ps...stay safe, not good all the high winds hey?
    Love the flower bit of a flower addict me lol
    Have you seen THE FLOWER BED?..I can send you an invite to join if you want?
    Sue x

  4. Hi Sue - yes I did like it, I tried it out. I am looking at crocodile stitch as I really like the way it looks when done (though it seems complicated and I think it'll take me while to get it.)