Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last Day of 2011!

It is almost 2012 and traditionally the time for coming up a with a few New Year's resolutions.  I am going to make a few this year.

Firstly, I want to find another job!  I don't know whether it will be a change of career so to speak or a similar job in a different place! I just know that I would really like to do something different.

I also want to try and concentrate a bit more on my crafts, making things that I enjoy making. Am also going to promote my website more in 2012 (and try and up the sales!)

So those are my 2 main resolutions - I will update in 6 months how these are going!

I am not doing anything special tonight for Hogmanay unlike my daughter who is through in Glasgow and I'm sure will have a great time.  She doesn't read this blog (at least I don't think she does!) so I can post this picture she just sent me of her ready to go out.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2012.
Mich :)


  1. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions. Do be careful about changing your job just now as it is getting a little rough out there and remember, first in first out, which you will be in a new situation. Sorry, lecture over. lol. I am sure you will be successful at what ever you try.

  2. I know Carol - that is the worry, but I'm just not enjoying where I am just now and its such a big part of my day

  3. All these resolutions just hope we can keep up with them. Have a very happy New year and here's to 2012

  4. happy new year Mich! have a good and prosperous one! good luck with your job too!

  5. I hope the new year is good to you. I keep thinking of leaving my current job but its like a safety blanket, I hope I can just move areas instead. Good luck finding a new job though, like Carol says it's tough out there. x