Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This Weather - no likey!

Well yesterday walked to work.  Thought it best to leave the bike at home.  Now while the walk was ok (all 50 mins of it) it was carrying all the stuff that is usually in my cycle bags that was the problem - my running stuff - tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, fleece, running shoes and then to top it all I had a big carton of milk to take.  Come my lunchtime, the ice/snow (not too much snow just a dusting) hadn't cleared so decided not to risk running as was worried that my route by the river may be a tad worse than the pavements.

No matter if you say you are at lunch, if you are sitting at your desk you are really not at lunch.  The phone rings, your boss asks you things etc.  I really missed getting away from the confines of the office for 45 mins.  So today, come snow or ice I am running! (or walking if its really bad!)

I am taking my bike today and will just go carefully.  The main road will probably be less slippy than the cycle path - but its a case of weighing up where it would be worse to slip if it should happen and probably that would be the cycle path!

I left work yesterday at 4.15 to go to the post office for stamps - big mistake as I got there at 4.55 but didn't get served till 5.25!  Everyone goes to the post office at that time! Never again.

I did get a little happy Christmas feeling when I passed the electric company offices -

So away to load up the bike and put on my very thick padded jacked which I hope will offer some protection should I end up in the grass verge!

Have a warm, safe day!
Mich :)


  1. Its amazing how many people decide that lunch breaks dont count if you are still in the office, mind you - same if you have a mobile phone on you LOL. Lucky you for the snow - we are awaiting ours....there is nothing like trying to ride your new bike on Christmas day in the snow.... Got my two little ones bikes (so fingers crossed)

  2. Bikes, running gear and cycle bags you're making me feel so unfit! Wonderful to get out and do something so invigorating though. Go careful in the snow:)