Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nightmare Day!

I have had the worst day!

It all started on the way to work.  I took my bike and planned to push it to start of the cycle path (being that the pavement/road was very icy) anyway got about 10 mins into my journey and discovered I had a flat tyre! grrrrr so headed back home with the bike, called work to say I'd be late and then started walking - very carefully as it was very slippy this morning.

Coming home wasn't quite as bad slippy wise but I was under a bit of pressure time-wise as I have my pilates class on a Wednesday at 7.  Anyway, got home about 5.50pm, grabbed the dog and took her to park returning about 6.15pm when I noticed it seemed a bit cool in the house.  Checked the heating and it wasn't on - and wouldn't come on!  Went out to look at the boiler and it was showing an error message so tried to re-set it - nothing.

Called Scottish Gas (we have one of those homecare policies - you know the advert - they call and then a few mins later the little gas van pulls up!) Well the little gas van isn't coming till tomorrow.  Fortunately I already had put in for a day off tomorrow but now it wont be that great a day as I'll need to stay in till the gas people come!

The one shining light in all this (literally) was that my dad had bought me a little halogen desk lamp to sit on the table beside the sofa so that I can see what I'm doing when crafting.  Thank you dad!

I am now going up to bed to get cosy and read my book!
Mich :)


  1. What a dreadful time for you. Made even worse by having to waste a precious day off waiting around for repair men. I do hope they reach you early then perhaps you can salvage some of your day.

  2. I know Carol - they are supposedly coming between 12 and 6 - am busy cleaning to keep warm! Then will attempt the puncture repair!

  3. Oh poor you, but at least it happened now and not over Christmas. I hope your house is feeling warmer soon :)and that your tyre is now plump!

  4. Update - heating fixed and I fixed bike myself! (hands not looking so nice now - oily!)

  5. Yay you! I hate days like that. They never seem to end. But at least you have heating now. Plus a fixed bike. Good things all round.