Saturday, 5 November 2011

Quick Post While Away

Well am enjoying my few days away here in Cambridge.  Yesterday morning we had a good bit of rain and my family were eyeing me suspiciously as they haven't had much rain down here - till I arrived!  Honestly, I didn't bring it with me - wanted to get away from it!

I had a lovely day's shopping on Thursday - visiting the Beaderie and spent far too much money and then yesterday (Friday) just had to pop back for 'a couple of things'.

There is a new Hobbycraft store opening here today and I am wondering whether to tie myself to the chair so I don't go or maybe I should go as I haven't ever been to one of these stores before and it would be good to just have a good look around.

Anyway, will update my trip with pictures when I get back home (no camera lead with me).

Hope everyone has a good weekend - and take care with fireworks.

Mich :)


  1. Oh I would go, if you don't you'll regret it. Can you ever have too much stuff? Hope you're having a good time x

  2. I bet you couldn't find a chair comfortable enough could you. So now you are looking for more 'Stash space' lol.

  3. I love Cambridge, along with Oxford such beautiful cities. Go on be a devil and go to HC you know you want to really

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip the beaderie sounds fun looking forward to seeing your makes
    we have hobbycraft on our doorstep so are very lucky hope you enjoyed your 1st trip xxx

  5. Enjoy your trip. I used to live in Cambridge when. Was teenager. Didn't know there were so many craft stores.