Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I Love Cambridge!

Got back last night from my trip to Cambridge.  Had a really great time.  The journey down was a bit of a constant 'train change' but its a nice journey down the east coast - especially when you hit around the Berwick area.

I crocheted a baby hat on the way down for a friend who is having a little girl in the new year.  Crochet is quite good to do on the train as you don't need much - one ball of wool and one hook! And of course if you haven't got much 'elbow room' it doesn't matter too much.  The other hat in this picture I crocheted while there.

I had one woven style bracelet to do on the train on the way down for my nephew.  I had just finished it as we were coming into Newcastle.  A lady sitting behind me was obviously watching and she asked if she could buy it!  Unfortunately it was for a gift and I was worried that I might not have had time to make another one - and couldn't turn up at my brother's with one gift short! So had to decline.  Gave her one of my cards though so maybe she will order one.

Gifts - well I mad bracelets for my brother, 2 nieces and said nephew and they liked them.

I made a crocheted circle scarf for my sister in law (I have these and I like wearing one while cycling as no flapping ends.  My sister in law cycles too - well actually seems like most people in Cambridge do!)

They all liked their gifts so that was very pleasing!

Thursday I went to the Beaderie.  What a great shop and the girl there Sally was just so lovely and very helpful.  Spent ages chatting to her and looking at the amazing beads they have.  The shop is set out really well with all the beads displayed grouped by colour so it is so easy to shop.  I bought lots of things - had to drag myself away from the purple section!


I was a fairly long walk to the shop from where I was staying, however its never bad walking in new places and where there are lots of things to look at en-route.

Friday morning it was raining! However by lunchtime it had stopped and the sky was blue so had another walk to the Beaderie and bought a few more things as I knew it would be the last time this visit I'd be there.  Anyone in the Cambridge area should drop in - its really worth the visit.  They should be starting an on-line shop in the new year too.

As if the excitement of the Beaderie wasn't enough, discovered that a new Hobbycraft store was opening on the Saturday and that it was close to where I was staying.  So we (minus the children - I should say teenagers) headed there on the Saturday around lunchtime.  What a great store too!  It would be great to live in Cambridge, there are so many places to get things and also lots of craft fairs.  On Sunday we went to the market in town which is a craft market on a Sunday.  Was lovely to wander round the stalls.  

When I wasn't out buying supplies, I was making things - 

Before I knew it, it was Monday and time to travel back.  Not so many train changes this time - only Peterborough and Edinburgh.  I got going with some squares which I am going to make into a blanket for said friend's forthcoming arrival.  Managed quite a few on the way home!

Really enjoyed my trip away.  It is so nice to spend time with family who you don't see in person too often.  Back to reality tomorrow though when I return to work.

Mich :)


  1. I'm glad you had a great time, I'm going to spend some time with some of my family for a few days and really looking forward to it. I live not too far from Cambridge and often pop in on a shopping trip. I'm glad you enjoyed the Beaderie, I've heard nothing but good about the place.
    I love circular scarves, they can be used as snoods too, keep the ears nice and snug :o)

    Jan x

  2. Thanks for pointing me there Jan - really liked the shop x

  3. Now thats what I call a very productive holiday. Not only productive but entertained another passenger too with your beadweaving.lol. Its a very long journey. Did you have to wait much between train changes. I usually have to hang around anything up to an hour in Birmingham when travelling to Devon. You will have to have more holidays. lol.

  4. No Carol, quite the opposite - it was nerve-rackingly tight between changes! (Which is probably worse! Its about a 7 hour journey - left Camb at 11am got to Perth at 5.55pm)

  5. Wow, I can't believe that the lady on the train wanted to buy your bracelet, not because it wouldn't be utterly gorgeous of course but ....well stuff like that just doesn't happen does it?!:) Glad you enjoyed your break and well done on all your makes, that's one way to get alot done - take a train journey

  6. I know Caroline! I was really surprised - didn't even notice her watching! (Just typical it was a gift - or if she hadn't been getting off I could have maybe made her another.)

  7. What a lovely trip craft and sights. Well done on the possible sale you were in the right place at the right time, fingers crossed.