Friday, 7 February 2014

Good News Today

Turned out to be a good start to Friday. I got an email to say I'd passed my final anatomy exam and assessment essay that I needed to be able to start massaging - so that is both a relief and happy news!

I got a rush order in the week for a corsage to match black and white trousers. The customer wanted something with black and white in it. Luckily I had some of this Drummon Grey tartan -

I hadn't ever bothered to make up anything in this tartan as I didn't really think anyone would want it, but having seen it made up, it would actually look nice on a coat or jacket.  The customer was really happy with her corsage.

I have also had an order for 4 corsages for a wedding in the Thomson dress tartan - will post up a picture of these when done as I just managed to get the tartan yesterday, but this is what the tartan looks like.

I am looking forward to making these and hoping that the customer will send me a picture for my website of them being worn at the wedding.

Aside from the above not much else has been happening.  I've been trying to catch up at work after my time off and am slowly getting there! Start physio on Monday for my shoulder - think that will be painful! Physios enjoy stretching you to the extreme!

Have a good weekend. I'm heading to Edinburgh tomorrow to see the musical Evita - should be good.

Mich :)

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