Sunday, 13 October 2013

Back Ashore!

Arrived home last night after a wonderful week at sea - well wonderful apart from 2 nights of rough weather which sent me to bed at 7pm as it was the only place I felt less sea-sick!

We saw some amazing places -Corsica, Rome, The Vatican, Florence, Pisa, St Tropez and Barcelona. Was a very hectic week I will say and not a restful holiday!

The ship itself was amazing and the staff so friendly and helpful.  Our cabin attendant, Ronaldo, was lovely and he would make these towel sculptures every day.  We would return to the cabin to find one sitting on the bed!

I bought this necklace when in Florence. The whole necklace is made out of silver and you can wear it lots of ways.

I am thinking it may be possible to make something like it (not obviously in silver!) - will be trying that in the next week or so. Also got some good ideas for other jewellery to make.

Will post up some travel pictures in the week.

Back to reality and work tomorrow (pah!)

Mich :)

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