Thursday, 5 September 2013

What to do when you can't sleep

Some nights I sleep for so long and then I have a real problem getting back to sleep even though it is nowhere near time to get up.

Tuesday night  was such a night - woke about 3.30am and tossed and turned.  Eventually got up at around 4am. Did a bit of sewing and made this pin/brooch.

It's in the St Johnstone FC tartan.  We will soon be getting into the autumn type weather when jackets will be needed (well up here anyway, maybe those of you further south will be ok for a while yet!) and it's sometimes nice just to pop a little thing on a plain jacket.

Then I noticed the sun was starting to rise so out I ventured camera in hand looking for a sunrise picture and managed to get this one after a short walk.

I didn't actually know I'd got the little bird (top left) until I downloaded the picture to my computer.

All in all it was a productive very early morning! (Let's hope tonight is not the same!)

Have a good day.

Mich :)

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