Monday, 15 July 2013


Had such an interesting day on Sunday.  We were going to Crathes Castle however, en route we spotted that the Glamis Castle extravaganza was on so we decided to head there instead.  I think it's an annual thing and there are lots of classic cars and old style buses, tractors etc all in pristine condition.

I had never actually been into Glamis Castle itself so we went on a tour and it is such an impressive place and it was very interesting to find out all about the place.  Glamis Castle was the childhood home of the Queen Mother and indeed Princess Margaret was born there.  There are lots of pictures of the Queen and Princess Margaret when they were little in photo frames in the various rooms.

There is also a small chapel which is said to be haunted by 'the grey lady' and the guide showed us the seat she sits in when she is 'seen' in the chapel.

The gardens too are lovely - especially the Italian Garden.

I'm not going to tell you any more though, you should definitely try and visit the Castle if you are up this way! You can find out more info here.

(Naturally the good weather at the weekend made such a difference.)

Here is a little collage of pictures from Sunday - unfortunately you weren't allowed to take pictures inside the castle, but here are three from the Italian Garden and a photo of the interesting castle roof.

Mich :)

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