Friday, 5 July 2013

Seems a Quick Week

Is it just me or do the weeks seem to pass more quickly? Maybe its because I look forward to the weekends they seem to be here before I know it! (Either that or it's an 'age' thing ie the older you get the quicker they pass!)

Speaking of 'age' things, I've once again had to curtail my running at lunch time as I felt my hip starting to feel uncomfortable.  As the physio said that I'd need a cortisone injection if I get the same problem again, I'm very reluctant to go down that road so have halted the running just now and am cycling instead at lunchtime. Still good but not the same feeling as a run.

I am still 'photography obsessed' and here are a couple of pictures -

This is cute little Bella who is a bundle of fun.

Following some rain I took this picture in the garden of a pink rose.

This weekend I'm headed to the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace.  First time I've been so am looking forward to it. Hoping too to get some pictures.

It is looking dull even though the weather forecast says it should be nice today! Perhaps it's just cloud cover - I'd better get my waterproofs in my bike just in case!

Have a good weekend.
Mich :)

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