Monday, 22 July 2013

Beginning with 'D'

Just realised that the 2 pictures I'm posting today begin with the letter 'D'!

This one of the oh so cute duckling was taken on Saturday - thought it was maybe too late for ducklings as the last ones I took were in June.

Today at lunchtime while out on my bike from work, I was just 'practising' with my camera.  Taking pictures of the river with different aperture settings etc when a dog suddenly ran past me and into the river!

He totally ignored me!  It was a refreshing change to take a picture of something a bit out of the norm.

Here he is staring towards the path looking for his master coming.

I am heading off to York and then Whitby this week so looking forward to some very interesting things to photograph.

Have a good evening.

Mich :)

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