Thursday, 15 March 2012

Halford's Best Customer!

Cycling home tonight heard the dreaded sound of an escape of air from the front tyre - flat!!! So back to Halfords for yet another inner tube and a tyre (front tyre was a bit worn I must admit - probably the cause of the the puncture). I do though now have another inner tube to play around with and see what I can make!    The staff in Halfords will be calling me by name if this happens any more!  On the upside, thinking of applying for a job in the Velodrome for the Olympics as a tyre changer as I am getting so good at it now!

I have been neglecting this blog a big - athletics on TV at the weekend sort of took up most of my time (feeble excuse you will be thinking if you're not too keen on sport!)  I have been crocheting though as I can do this while watching TV so some pics from that later.

I also went to the Scottish Bead Fair on Sunday and got some nice sparkly beads for tiaras. Looking forward to using them.

The one good thing is that tomorrow is Friday!

Mich :)

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