Thursday, 23 February 2012

Last Week

Gosh it has been a week since I've written! It hasn't really been a noteworthy week (aside from below!) - been waiting for some supplies to come which I hate and can't seem to understand why it takes so long with some websites.

Anyway, last Friday when I left for work I noticed a big plume of smoke in the air and my first thought going by its direction was that the cycle path was on fire! However, no it wasn't but could see the smoke on my journey - then I started to hear sirens in the distance.

Got to the big roundabout at the estate where I work and could still see the smoke:

At this point I was getting a tad concerned as it looked location wise, quite near work!  (If I'm honest, I was thinking maybe another at home day was coming my way!) But no, it wasn't my work.  Was the recycling depot (1000 tons of paper and cardboard plus other stuff) that was on fire.  Here are the pictures from my unit:

Was a bit scary as things were exploding too and the noise of more and more sirens was a bit unnerving! Some places nearer had to be evacuated and due to the low water pressure on the estate, the fire brigade had to pump water from the river near by.  It took most of the day to get the fire under control. However, the main thing was that no-one was injured.

On the making front, made this from 'my stash' -

I've also been making some rings - but still to take pics so will hopefully add later today.

Well that's been my week!

Mich :)


  1. A bit of excitement for you, not particularly good for the environment though. I bet you could smell the smoke for ages afterwards,
    Lovely hat and the flower just finishes it off beautifully.

  2. Crikey me that was a near miss! Looking forward to those rings