Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Equipment failure!

Well I missed Handmade Monday due to my camera's connection with my computer!  For some reason when I tried to download the picture I had taken the computer kept saying 'no pictures or videos detected' but when I looked at the camera I could see the picture there!  Faffed around with it yesterday to no avail, however today I tried something (copied the picture to the internal memory) and low and behold the picture appeared on the computer.  Just a day too late for handmade Monday though!

I thought I'd make something 'valentine-ish' for the website and came up with these bracelets.  I used bamboo yarn for the purple one and a crochet cotton for the black heart (not too easily seen on the picture that it is actually a heart!) and the red and black one is crochet cotton and embroidery silk.  Was pleased with how they turned out.  They are crocheted into chain. Not over-the-top valentine looking - you could wear all year round.

Yesterday was the first real day back at work after the holiday break - well actually we were back on Friday 6th but it didn't really feel like the first day back as it was only the office staff who were at work! Plus, it was a Friday so it was only one day then off again!  But we are definitely back now!  It always feels that Christmas has passed in a flash when I go back to work in January - we spend ages preparing for it then it is gone in a flash!

Ah well, roll on spring!

Mich :)


  1. Technology can be a pain sometimes but there is always next week :)
    The Bracelets are great, I've always loved the black and red combination, it seems a bit 'naughty but nice' :)

    Jan x

  2. Oh those are pretty, I never would have thought of a crochet bracelet but it works really well. I went back to work on Friday too, it always seems harder going back after Christmas than after any other holiday. x