Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy December!

Well it is the 1st December today and winter is edging in here.  Early this morning I heard the scraping of car windows!  No ice on the ground yet - but it is definitely an icy wind.

I have been busy making a few orders and also making some new beaded rings.  I am going to try and find a beading class in the new year as I really enjoy this.

Different style -

I have decided that I must - really must - start Christmas shopping this weekend.  I still have my cards to make too, then there's the baby blanket to finish, then...... ok lots!

I saw a really good idea for this Friendship Jar gift - just how nice would it be to get one of these and then on a day when you need a little 'lift' pull out one of these folded papers with something like 'you are such a great friend' written on it?  I am definitely going to make one of these for a really good friend of mine - may put a few tiny gifts in too.

I think that taking days off work really does me no favours as the catching back up is a nightmare and by night time I'm too tired and fed up typing to want to spend time on the computer! (Obviously in reality I am going to continue taking holidays from work!!)

Have a great night!
Mich :)

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  1. The friendship jar looks good! I love your bracelet esp the second one. I like you haven't started Christmas yet but must do so very soon :)