Sunday, 18 December 2011

Handmade Monday 47!

This week the weather has been very icy here - so much so that I had to leave the bike at home after slipping on it this week.  Very scary but no injuries.  Better to be safe than sorry, so am walking to work just now.

My son is home!  He got a lift down from uni on Friday so was really nice that he was here when I came in from work.  He has brought a whole term's worth of washing I am sure!  It is great to see him (but I need to feed him up a bit as he has stretched lengthways but not widthways if you know what I mean.)

I think I have most of my Christmas presents organised.  I will have a double check tomorrow night and get things wrapped and labelled.

Not much making this week - only this ring (for myself!) Thought it would be nice to wear over the festive season.

Pop over to 1st Unique Gifts to see what everyone has been up to this week.

Have a great Christmas and best wishes for an amazing 2012!

Mich x


  1. Stunning ring Mich!! Good luck with the washing! Happy Christmas xx

  2. Got yourself an early Christmas present with that ring. Very nice. Looks a bit like a flower to me, which may help us remind us that Spring is coming after all this cold.

    Maybe you could get your son an early present too - the instruction guide on how to use a washing machine with a term's worth of clothes :-D

  3. Your ring is rather swish. I love it. It will look very well at the Christmas dinner table. Well worth flashing round.

  4. Amazing ring. Have a Lovely Christmas and wish you well for 2012. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Love the ring. Wish I was as organised as you!

  6. Oh be careful on the ice the last thing you need for Christmas is an injury. The ring is so elegant, lovely.

    Have a very Happy Christmas

  7. Lovely ring! So nice to be able to treat yourself as well at this time of year :-)

    Careful on that bike now!

    Alison x

  8. Lovely ring - well done for treating yourself. I know what you mean about the icy ground, it can really catch you unawares so definitely better safe than sorry.

    Have a wonderful Christmas xx

    Ali x

  9. Oh wow, your ring is fantastic! So unusual, love it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  10. Thats a really pretty ring, unusual too. Good luck with the washing! Merry Christmas. x

  11. Good on you for making something for yourself, the ring is lovely, it goes really well with your nails :o)
    Have a brilliant Christmas and best wishes for 2012. Oh and enjoy your son being home x

    Jan x

  12. Well dome for being so organised :)
    Lovely ring, amd I'm so glad you're keeping it for yourself. We all need a treat sometimes.
    Happy christmas, i hope you have a lovely time with your family xx

  13. Well done for making something for yourself!
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Jo x