Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Midweek Quicky!

Wanted to write a little midweek post.  Today I followed Blue Forest's tutorial  and made these -

Firstly sorry for the bad photo - used my mobile and think I was too close.  (I haven't cut the threads in the picture as you can see!).  I made the smaller one first and it was pretty awkward as the beads were really small and I couldn't use a needle as the hole was too small to get it in - so there was a bit of a palaver in making it! The bigger one wasn't as time consuming as could use a needle (must get a beading needle this weekend). It shows how different beads give a different effect.

While at the park tonight with Mindy, I took these pictures - definitely looks like Autumn/Winter is closing in!

(I can't work out how to put the 3 pictures in a line across the page on blogger - so if anyone can enlighten me!)

Anyway, have a good rest of week!

Mich :)

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  1. I can see lots of different ways that these could be used aside from the obvious, decorations, card embellishments,gift tags. They look great and I didn't even know you could get beading needles.