Sunday, 9 October 2011

Handmade Monday (though it is Sunday!)

I'm writing my blog today for the Handmade Monday group as I certainly have more time on a Sunday.  Well it has been a busy weekend.

I decided to arrange for someone to come and take a few things to the recycling point (one of the downsides of no car means I can't do this myself now!) One thing was an old TV.  I was moving it last night and strained my back in the process.  At first it didn't feel too bad but as the day and night wore on got very sore.  I could have kicked myself really for (a) not waiting till my daughter's boyfriend arrived to help and (b) using my back instead of my legs when lifting.  So that kind of put a scupper on things last night as any time I stretched a bit or stood up I groaned!  This morning things were still quite sore however I discovered that if I kept moving it wasn't as bad so have tried to do that today.

Craft wise, here is a picture of the elf baby hat that I crocheted last weekend - wish I'd had a baby on hand to model it on for the picture.  Its made of a soft, cosy wool and going by how the temperature has dipped here this week, cosy hats will in vogue again.

I also had the bright idea of making some napkin rings.  Thought they may be something people might buy for Christmas time.  I got some nice silver coloured organza and made some flowers then I made the bases by crocheting wire, and finally finished them off with a crocheted ribbon yarn centre. Now, they did take quite a long time to make (and I only made 4!)  and I'm thinking that I don't know if the time and effort in making them could balance against what I would sell them at.  I'm still pondering that. 

Made a little squiggle ring for myself tonight - 

Well that's all my happenings for today - pop over here now and have a good read of some great blogs :)

Mich :)


  1. i like the napking rings, i like organza, its light, transparent, elegant - well done!
    the hat is verrrrry cosy! perfect for winter for any little elf :)

  2. Love all your makes this week, but that little hat is sooo cute! Hope your back continues to improve x

  3. The napkin rings are very pretty. I hope your back ache continues to disappear - so easy to hurt our backs. Many years ago, my OH bent over to feed our cat and couldn't stand up!

  4. Great crafting girl, love the elf hat, I dabble with crochet now and then. I know its not that easy to make it pointed,.
    Brilliant work xxxx

  5. The napkin rings are lovely! And the hat, very sweet. I'm sorry about your back, have been there. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Ouch - bad backs really do scupper all the best laid plans. Hope you feel better soon.

    I love the napkin rings and the elf hat.

    Ali x

  7. Hope your back is recovering by now. Love the 'Elf' hat. (Actually now I'm struggling with a bad joke about lifting tellies and 'Elf and Safety'! Sorry!)
    Really tho', get well soon x

  8. Great 'ickle elf hat, I love that style and will come into it's own with this drop in temperature.
    The squiggle ring looks fun (bad back not fun).

    Jan x

  9. Wow I adore the Elf hat, only wish my little ones were that small again

  10. Penny you made me laugh so much! Back feeling better today and def on the mend :)

  11. Hope the back is getting better, love the crocheted hat, that grey is just delish!

  12. Love the little elf hat - really cute! Hope your back is feeling better already.
    Jo x

  13. thanks Jo - back is back to normal! (Just being a tad cautious while at the gym tho just in case.)