Friday, 19 August 2011

Easy Body Butter

Tonight I decided to whip up a little jar of body butter.  I like body butter as it can also double as a 'calmer' for my curly hair - just a tiny bit can smooth the frizzies!  I had a little tucuma butter and some avocado butter so decided to use that and also some argan oil.  Normally a good ratio for a whipped butter is 80% butter 20% oil. I decided to use a 70/30 mix as I wanted it a bit more oily.  I only wanted to make a small tub so I measured out 35g of butter and 15g of oil.  You can use any butter/oil combination you want and you can use more than one oil.

Avocado butter (yellow) and tucuma butter (white)  35g

I put this on top of a pot of hot water (like a double boiler) but you really don't need to keep the water boiling as you just want the butter to soften a bit (not totally melt - if it does melt too much, take off the pot and leave it to harden a bit).  In the meantime I measured out the argan (15g) and popped in a couple of drops of essential oil.
argan oil (15g)
essential oil - 2 drops (I used sweet orange)
Once the butter was soft, I put it in a jug with the oil and the essential oil and used an electric whisk to beat it till it was combined and looking smooth and sort of like angel delight!

Butter & oil after beating

Then simply scoop into a little pot and leave to set - ready for use! 

As there are no water products in this it isn't necessary to use a preservative - plus as this is a little pot it wont be around long!

Mich :)

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